Update: 17 February, 2019 14:34 PM
AMAL Foundation: Develop lives of the underprivileged

AMAL Foundation: Develop lives of the underprivileged

AMAL, a foundation based in Bangladesh, has been working with underprivileged communities since 2014 to empower, educate, provide health care and shelter them in emergency situations like natural disasters and crisis.

AMAL was established 3 years ago and since then the organization has grown rapidly, attracting hundreds of members and supporters from right across the globe.

With the people struggling to access appropriate health care in the Sonpocha, Bogra, AMAL is trying to suffice their medical needs by providing them with better health care services. To develop their adverse current lifestyle, they are also providing them with the basic necessities and ensuring better survival.

While explaining the present difficulties in Sonpocha, founder and director of AMAL foundation Esrat Karim Eve mentioned, “Poor access to quality health service and high costs threatens the people in the tracts, momentum towards health coverage. They have to travel 3 hours for medical treatments which cause ample amount of death and physical damage. There are no medical clinic and pharmaceutical shops. In some village market shops, basic medicines are rarely available. A serious shortage and unequal distribution of qualified health personnel are the reasons for major death rates in this track.”

With health care being an expensive resource, AMAL foundation has facilitated a community health care center.

Though Esrat claims it to be a “little effort”, this health center is currently focusing profoundly on better wellbeing by ensuring regular check-ups twice a week. Free medication is provided to the visitors as required. 2 doctors and women hygiene trainer is accessible for the local people to seek advice regarding any queries they have.

“At this health care center, underprivileged people are provided with medical facilities by expert doctors. Doctors generally visit twice a week. However, they do come in on emergency calls. We provide hygiene tutorial once a week to escalate basic knowledge regarding menstrual hygiene and birth control. Sessions on child and adult nutrition are also organized regularly,” added Esrat.

With over 300 AMAL volunteers, the foundation is also working to support the Rohingya refugees with food, clothing, and shelter. They also run AMAL Ucchash School along with Rowshan Ara Skill Centre at Sonpocha for the children.

While speaking on their future plans, Efrit Karim, CEO of AMAL foundation said, “We believe in a Bangladesh where we are all equal, regardless of wealth, religious identity and class.”

She further asserted the importance of neutrality in social work saying, “We believe in a country where all people have the same opportunities, where all men and women can acquire the same privileges. 

We believe in bringing hope to those in despair.” and concluded stating, “If everyone embraced equality, then we can have a beautiful and sustainable world.”

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