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'Let your dream grow bigger'

'Let your dream grow bigger'

Mostofa Kamal. File photo

Kaler Kantho online has launched a new article series to inspire the youth where Mostafa Kamal, executive editor of Daily Kaler Kantho, will write regularly.

Here is his today's motivational writing:

My write up is for the youths and for those who want to be successful. Very few people are born with solvency. Most of them come out of a struggling families. So we must think bigger in order to reach the goals of our lives.

Just think how did former US President Barack Obama reach the culmination of the success? Was he powered by " Touch Stone"! Certainly not. So, what is the secret behind his success in life?

Remove the word 'disappointment' from your life. Replace 'disappointment' with 'optimism'.  Let your dream grow bigger, let it become true. Those who crafted their footprint on Moon, dreamt of reaching Mars in future. They are not aliens or superhumans. They are from this earth. They are also the human like you and me.

They have no magic sticks to conquer the skyspace. What they have is 'dream'. They are using talent to let their dream come true.

I myself dreamt of reaching the apex of success. There is no one behind my success, no catalyst enforced to be successful. The only strength I have is 'hope', I am an 'optimistic' person always.  I do not lose hope even in hardship. I dream bigger.

I know a 'pessimistic' person cannot do anything in his life. Do not be frustrated in any situation. Frustration is a disorder. Once you get frustrated, there is no release from it. When the worst situation comes, keep patience. Deal it with cold-head. Remember, happiness comes after grief. Problems are never permanent. Happy days will come. The light will come out of darkness.

Let me share my experience. I think I am a successful person. How did I succeed? I was born in a rural area in Barishal. My father is a school teacher. He had a small land property. He had gone through hardship to maintain his four children's study expenses . I have seen, my mother kept her head cool in any difficult situation. Under any circumstances, she  did not lose patience.

There was no renowned school near my house. 'Thana Sadar School' was far from my house. We used to go to school by walking miles, crossing river. It was difficult to continue our study. My father could not afford the daily expenses of our four siblings at a time. He had to maintain the cost by selling our land property. Neighbours mocked at my father for selling lands to pay our tuition fees.

My mother used to say, there is no need of lands if the children cannot study. This sacrifice is  too small in terms of their sucess. 

We all four siblings, however, achieved higher degrees from reputed universities and now are living a solvent life.

I always thought I have to be successful, I have to be self-reliant. I will not be dependent on anyone. 

There is no chance of failure if honesty, dedication, and commitment are preserved. Success will come.

[Mostofa Kamal, popular writer and columnist, is the Daily Kalerkantho's executive editor]

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