Update: 24 February, 2019 18:20 PM
What is actually required for success?

What is actually required for success?

Kaler Kantho online has launched a new article series to inspire the youth where Mostafa Kamal, executive editor of Daily Kaler Kantho, will write regularly.

Here is today's motivational writing:

We like to hear the stories of successful people. We get inspired by going through the biographies of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Albert Einstein or APJ Abdul Kalam. But do we ever think about their struggle or how did they become successful? And If we think about this, do we really try to apply those in our lives?

How many guardians inspire their offspring dreaming something bigger? All parents think that their children will become a doctor, an engineer or a top class government official. But, none of them dream that one day his or her kid will become an astronaut or a successful business leader.

To me, we should inspire our kids to choose some profession that would make an exception. Otherwise, nothing greater will happen in their lives.

Most of the cases, we notice that parents always put extra pressure on their children at home while teachers do the same in schools. They cannot play freely, talk freely and even cannot laugh freely. They only read their textbooks and in free time they become busy with their smartphones. They what do they will learn and how do they become creative?

In developed countries, children usually do not face any extra pressure from their parents and teachers until they complete their higher secondary level. They learn while playing and observing the atmosphere. Their teachers sincerely notice them while they are in action and try to know about their interest. Thus, they help their students becoming actually what the kids want to be.

If someone wants to be a football player or a cricket player, should we force him or her to be a doctor? What would the result then? No parents should slap their personal judgment on their kids. But, in our country, our parents and our teachers are doing so. As a result, our children cannot grow independently and fail to achieve the expected confidence level. They could do better if they are allowed to do whatever they want. All parents should understand the matter and act accordingly.

We must not forget that parents play a vital role in their kids' lives, so the role should be positive. They should not be put under extra pressure rather they should be taught the procedure of learning things with joy and interest. I must say, they should be encouraged to read fictions and non-fiction. Textbooks are only for class tests while other books are for life lessons.

Our kids must be raised independently so that they can make the right choice in their life. They should not be put under our influence. Our first target should be teaching our kids how to act like an ideal human being. Kids learn the lesson of being honest and just from the family. And educational institutions also play a vital role in this regard. 

Those who grow up independently and are taught how to be honest and just, never think about doing wrong to others. Rather they always help people in need. We should remember, wrongdoing can only bring the wrong result. Those who do wrong to others cannot be successful in their lives. 

If we think about a spider, we can get many answers. Do you think this ever?

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