Update: 17 April, 2019 11:36 AM
Twitter boss offers to demote likes and follows

Twitter boss offers to demote likes and follows

Jack Dorsey

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey has again admitted there is much work to do to improve Twitter and cut down on the amount of abuse and misinformation on the platform.

He said the firm might demote likes and follows, adding that in hindsight he would not have designed the platform to highlight these.

He said that Twitter currently incentivised people "to post outrage".

Instead he said it should invite people to unite around topics and communities.

"It may be best if it becomes an interest-based network," he told TED curators Chris Anderson and Whitney Pennington Rodgers.

Rather than focus on following individual accounts, users could be encouraged to follow hashtags, trends and communities.

Doing so would require a systematic change that represented a "huge shift" for Twitter.

On the topic of abuse, he admitted that it was happening "at scale".

"We've seen harassment, manipulation, misinformation which are dynamics we did not expect 13 years ago when we founded the company," he told TED curator Chris Anderson.

"What worries me is how we address them in a systematic way."

He has previously discussed the role played by likes and follows, which were designed to be prominent.

"One of the choices we made was to make the number of people that follow you big and bold. If I started Twitter now I would not emphasise follows and I would not create likes.

"We have to look at how we display follows and likes," he added.

Ms Pennington Rodgers asked him why, according to Amnesty, women of colour on average received abuse in one of 10 tweets they posted.

"It's a pretty terrible situation," Mr Dorsey admitted.

"The dynamics of the system makes it super-easy to harass others."

He said that Twitter was increasingly using machine-learning to spot abuse and claimed that 38% of abusive tweets were now identified by algorithms and then highlighted to humans, who decide whether to remove them from the platform.

He also said that the firm was working on making it easier to find its policies on abuse and was simplifying them.

Asked if he would show urgency in dealing with the issues, he replied simply: "Yes."

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