Update: 8 July, 2019 12:58 PM
Google Pixel 4 to come packing 16MP telephoto lens

Google Pixel 4 to come packing 16MP telephoto lens

Earlier on Google did something unthinkable and teased its upcoming Pixel 4 smartphone. This move hasn’t been done before and was done to stay ahead of all the leaks that were hitting the internet. As per a report by 9to5Google, ever since the latest leak of the Google Camera app, several leaks have surfaced suggesting some of the latest features that will arise with the upcoming handset.

The newest discovery in the Google Camera app suggests that the search giant will be using a 16MP telephoto lens. The report states that XDA Developers have dug around in Google Camera’s Super Res Zoom internal code called Sabre and within a portion, they have uncovered references to telephoto.

The report states, “Using the telephoto reference as a baseline, they also further uncovered a list of camera sensors the Google Camera app can choose from. In this list, we can see all of the sensors available on the Pixel 3 — regular front-facing, wide-angle front-facing, and rear-facing — along with two brand new ones, “FRONT_IR” and “REAR_TELEPHOTO.”

The report adds that Google Camera has already started working to compliment the Pixel 4 with a ton of references found within the code. They state, “So it seems highly likely that these two new sensors will be included with the Pixel 4. This is further supported by the obvious second rear-facing lens visible in Google’s official render of the Pixel 4. As for the front-facing IR, XDA notes that this would likely support the “Face authentication” feature uncovered in the most recent Android Q Beta.”

The website’s APK Insight team dug into Google Camera 6.3 and uncovered a text that revealed the resolution of the handset’s telephoto lens.  The report states, “It appears to be an error message used for debugging the telephoto code, which should return photos with one of a few specific resolutions. From these resolutions, we can calculate that the Pixel 4 may have a whopping 16MP camera sensor equipped with a telephoto lens.”

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