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Quit tension, make life joyous

Quit tension, make life joyous

Kaler Kantho online has launched a new article series 'Dream to touch the sky' to inspire the youth where Mostafa Kamal, executive editor of the Daily Kaler Kantho, is writing regularly. He will make the youths dream. Read about dream and hopefulness in Kaler Kantho.

Here is today's motivational writing:

Many men have many opinions about life. A person describes the life of how it is to him. Poet-litterateurs say life is like a flowing river and one should go with the flow. 

Few people say one requires complex calculations to determine his or her life. It's impossible to tousle life which is discomfited by multiple risks and anxiety. Some people's lives are joyful. But have they got it effortlessly? Haven't they have to do anything? Obviously, they had gone through a lot of things before making their lives joyful.  

One must make the most out of life. And one has to first determine what he or she hopes to accomplish. You have to regulate your life by yourself. Just have thought about whether you will make your life joyful or complex.

We can comfortably make our lives easier if we relay wish. If we endeavour, we can avoid many complications. Life could be hit by barriers and setbacks. Different types of problems could occur during the journey. But, we should have the mentality to accept those at ease.

Many among us turn a small thing or trivial problem considerably complex. In such cases, we determine our level of worry much bigger than the actual problem. What happens then? The complications increase. But, we must find the other way around which will turn our major problems into a smaller one. We should always remember that there is no such problem that cannot be overcome. This thought will help you erase the tension. If you can eliminate your tension, the action will be done in a very easy way. On the other hand, the task becomes tougher with the tension growing.

Many people bear a heavy mental load on their own. It seems they have to settle everything in a similar way. Why all the problems should be taken over? No job will be done if you take all the problems seriously. Minor problems must be trimmed instead of taking over. If any major problem appears, it should be solved immediately. Rolling difficulties is easy but solving is difficult. Bearing it in mind, going on will be of no problem at all.

Many people are psychologically complex. He pursues everything with difficulty. They can never take their lives forward. Life becomes really perplexing if it is not taken forward easily. That is why the complex mind should be liquidized before. One should think simply.

When we see a glass half-filled with water, many call it half full and many call it half empty. If we are positive-minded, we will say half filled. On the other hand, we will call it half empty if we are negative minded. Provided we all think positively, negative thinking will simply disappear. Complications will evaporate as well.

Many job holders carry official tensions at up to the home and domestic or familial complications up to the office. Consequently, they cannot solve any of the crises properly. They must settle both crises. Have you ever thought that which job you are skipping by doing so?

You are supposed to make both of the job done properly! And you can do this properly only when you leave your official jobs at the office and domestic at home. Because you cannot bear two burdens at a time. Every edge will be saved if you remember that. 

In addition, all kinds of stress, tension must be kept away to make life effortless. your life is bound to be painful if you are frustrated today thinking of tomorrow's pressure. So, think about the present. Make your life joyous. One must not stress himself or herself by worrying about the future. 

Writer: litterateur and Executive Editor, Kaler Kantho

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