Update: 12 August, 2019 13:34 PM
Gigi and Bella robbed in Mykonos

Gigi and Bella robbed in Mykonos

Photo : Independent

Gigi Hadid has revealed she and her sister Bella were robbed while on holiday in Mykonos, Greece.

The model wrote about the incident on Instagram on Friday via her photography account, @gisposable.

“Mykonos film in,” Hadid wrote underneath a photograph of herself in a bikini, “Don’t let insta fool you. Got robbed. Never going back. Wouldn’t recommend. Spend your money elsewhere.”


While Hadid has offered no further details regarding the robbery, her father, Mohamed Hadid revealed that his daughters were “traumatised” by the incident.


Speaking to TMZ, Mohamed explained that his daughters were out with their bodyguards at the time of the robbery.


Mohamed revealed nobody was hurt during the incident, but “personal things” were stolen from both Bella and Gigi.

The models had been in Mykonos to celebrate the 34th birthday of their eldest sister, Alana.


Thousands of Hadid’s fans commented on the Instagram post in which she revealed she’d been robbed.


While many of those commenting offered their sympathies to the young women, others criticised Hadid for dissuading people from visiting Mykonos.

“This is slandering,” wrote one person. “Go elsewhere but don’t use your impact to deter others from going.”


Another added: “Sorry you were robbed, but telling people to not go there because you got robbed is silly.”

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