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Eat this to lose belly fat

Eat this to lose belly fat

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We come across a lot of people who say : “Trust me, I’ve tried eating healthy but still can’t get rid of belly fat!”. And true it is that eating well is the key to a sound body. While everyone has different body types, it’s always a good idea to stay healthy or fit, as you like it. As the adage goes, abs are made in the kitchen.


A protein-packed diet is excellent to boost energy levels in your body, improve metabolism, and reach your weight-loss goals if any. While protein, a key nutrient in many foods, some of the most popular foods rich in protein are:


Dairy products

Seeds and nuts

Lean meat




A key point to note is that it’s better to cut down on meat and go for a vegetarian diet. If you’re targeting your weight in particular, there’s this one protein-rich food that can help reduce belly fat. And it’s the best probiotic you could ask for. It has all the ‘good’ bacteria that your gut needs.


Greek yoghurt is your gut’s best friend. It has a plethora of health benefits. High on nutritional value and delicious, it works wonders for your body. Here’s why you should eat Greek yoghurt:

High in protein

Low on calories

Low in sugar (if there’s no added flavour or sugar)

Reduces inflammation

Low in carbs


Studies have shown that consuming Greek yoghurt thrice a day, in addition to cutting down about 500 calories from your diet is a more effective strategy to lose weight than just wiping off calories. One of the possible reasons for this could be that eating low-fat yoghurt before your meal helps in preventing fat enter your body.


But there’s a slight precaution you should take. Avoid going for flavoured yoghurts, because they have added sugar and in some cases, artificial flavours instead of real ingredients. This can cause your metabolism to slow down, and bring in additional fat. A serving of plain, low-fat Greek yoghurt should do the trick. You can add some honey or fresh fruits to perk it up.

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