Update: 22 August, 2019 14:10 PM
iSoothe portable eye massager introduced by Xech

 iSoothe portable eye massager introduced by Xech

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The Xech iSoothe is built to rejuvenate, relax and refresh your eyes within minutes. Built with 42* Heat Compression Technology, Vibration & Pressure motors that emulate a professional therapist’s methods, the Xech iSoothe deeply massages the areas around the eyes and forehead to relieve blockages. It also comes embedded with tiny, high-quality speakers that can switch between the 2 embedded ambient tunes or you can play your own via Bluetooth connectivity.


5 Different Massage Modes:

Xech iSoothe comes with 5 Different Massage Modes: Automatic, Fresh, Smart, Lenses & Sleep Mode.


Unique Foldable Design:

Carry the iSoothe with you, no matter where you go. It’s 180 * Foldable Design makes it super lightweight and easy to carry.


Hybrid Technique:

The magic of iSoothe can only be felt once you put the device on for the first time. Using its smart inbuilt system that combines Vibration Motors, Heat Compression and pressure, within minutes say goodbye to Dark Circles, Tired Puffy Eyes, Itchiness, Burning/ Dry Eyes etc.


Ultra-Premium Materials: The minute you put the iSoothe on, your

are transported to a whole new world of relaxation. So soft. So silky. It’s truly magic for your eyes. It even has a well-lit display to choose between the various features & functions.


The product is priced at Rs 4999 and can be purchased from the Xech website and some leading eCommerce platforms.

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