Update: 1 September, 2019 16:03 PM
Change yourself first

Change yourself first

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Kaler Kantho online has launched a new article series 'Dream to touch the sky' to inspire the youth where Mostafa Kamal, executive editor of the Daily Kaler Kantho, is writing regularly. He will make the youths dream. Read about dream and hopefulness in Kaler Kantho.

Here is today's motivational writing:

A lot of things have to change over time. In the breeze of the age, an un-modern man also becomes modern. He has to change. Otherwise, he will be scattered. Circumstances also prepare human beings. Again, there are some things that people learn by experience. Something has to be learnt.

There are also some things to learn from the family, the educational institutions or social practices. People learn the manners, customs, civility, grandeur from their parents. Beside getting educated, people learn some more behaviors. Human life becomes fulfilled this way. 

If any student secures good results, we applaud his or her success. Many become jealous of it at the same time. In this case, the unsuccessful student always compares every detail of daily life with the successful student who maintains a tight and disciplined schedule of study, playing, home work etc. Then the unsuccessful one gets frustrated.

There are many people who ascend to a great place in the jib sector very fast. Someone else may lie in the same place. Why is this so? The person who regularly attends office, does his job exactly as he wants, doesn't make any fuss at work, doesn't make any disrespect, considers his job as his own - if he jumps up high, does anyone have anything to say? Wouldn't we all be surprised if a person, who regularly neglects office work, doesn't go to the office properly, engages in dishonest work, doesn't think the job as his own, jumps up in his career? We must be surprised.

What will happen then? One has to change himself. The person has to change his old ideas. He has to think about himself. Why is he lagging behind or lying in the same place? Why can't he move on, he has to think about things.

Many say that human habits can never be changed. Why not so? If someone has a bad habit which impacts his life negatively, it must be changed. For example, the conduct of many is not good. They speak hard to others, their words hurt others. Nobody like this is liked by others. As a result, he has to face various kinds of problems. Such practices must be changed.

Many people are habituated to wake up late, go to sleep late at night. Many have the habit of smoking and drinking. It's supposed that these habits cannot be changed. Why these habits cannot be changed? These are the major obstacles to move forward. There is a need for regularity everywhere. In some cases, some of the negative characteristics of human beings obstruct the pursuit of life. In that case, those negative traits must be eliminated. Otherwise, we can't move forward. To build our life nicely, we need to change ourselves first.

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