Update: 16 September, 2019 21:55 PM
Greed incinerating the onion market

Greed incinerating the onion market

Nobody has any control over our market. There are no rules and regulations here. Traders can increase the price of any product a few folds whenever they will. The same thing is happening with onions. The export price of onions has been raised in India last Friday. On Saturday morning, onion prices started at Tk 45 per kg at the wholesale market of Khatunganj became Tk 60 and by the afternoon it became Tk 65. However, it will take at least a week to import onions from India at new prices. Such an increase is not only immoral but also a crime.

In India, onion production has been greatly damaged by floods this year. So they have adopted a policy of discouraging exports to meet domestic demand and have raised the export price more than three times. But Bangladesh does not import onions from India only! Onions come from other countries including Myanmar and China. Traders will increase onion imports from those countries as prices rise in India. Why should the price of imported onion be raised in such a way after hearing the announcement of India then? There is a class of businessmen in the country who do not follow any rules. There have been various occasions when suddenly some of the products disappear from the market or supply is reduced. But with higher, it is seen that all the products are available.

This way the general consumers of the country are greatly harmed and the members of the syndicate of unethical businessmen become inflated. It is the responsibility of the government to prevent such mismanagement of the market. The reality is that the government has no effective control over the market. Although there is an organization called Trading Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB) to intervene in the market, the impact of that organization on the market is negligible. So what is the way to establish control in this market? Such an increase is a major blow to general consumers. Will the state not take any initiative to protect them?

We think that through the TCB, onion import initiatives need to be taken from the alternative markets and they should reach the general consumers. Onion imports may also have some role to play in keeping the market stable while reducing tariffs. But all of this has to be done very quickly. Those who increase the price of onions or sell onions at an unreasonable price, they should be punished through the mobile court.

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