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Abrar\'s murder and our student politics

Abrar\'s murder and our student politics

Once a journalist asked a writer at a book fair: “Do you not write science fiction?” In response, the author said: "With so many topics available in our country, why would I need to travel to another planet? Is there any need?”

I think the author's response is not meaningless, especially in the incidental country; our Bangladesh. News is everywhere. So much news! We struggle to decide what to publish and what not to! There is no shortage of writing materials. If a big event happens today, another big event will take place before the effects of the previous is over. This way the previous event gets shadowed and there is no time left for follow ups.

There are things happening in the country that I never imagined. People have become terribly cruel. Vengeance is rising. People killing people for little interest. Even by walking together or sleeping on the same bed, enemy-allies are hard to recognize. Friends are becoming terrifying enemies within moments. Behind this is the limitless greed of human beings. Greed has increased so much that anyone can do anything for their benefit.

Sick competition is everywhere; the intoxication of becoming a great man. People are running after money like crazy. No one wants to know what an illness it is. If one house has been made, another has to be made as well. Have a flat, buy another. There is a plot, life is a waste if you cannot buy another. So that's how such a grand theft is happening. Be it bureaucrats, traders or people of any other profession! Everyone is waiting for an opportunity. What's going on in the country? Why are people becoming dehumanized every day?

Is it acceptable in a civilized world that the student of Bangladesh Engineering University (BUET), Abrar Fahad, has been beaten and killed? 19 disgraces in the name of students infernally beat the helpless student Abar. For four hours. These were his classmates! Even begging for life did not help Abrar. Are they a descendant of Yazid or Simar! If not, how could they act so cruel?

What was wrong with Abrar? Why such doubts about him? His whole family belongs to the Awami family. Believed in the spirit of the War of Liberation. In the last election, Abrar's father worked for Awami League joint general secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif in Kushtia. Was it his crime to post a status? I read the status very well. Didn't write anything wrong there. Wrote justly. His points were extremely relevant. There were no extremist comments.

At the reading table of Abarr was the book 'Unfinished Autobiography' of Bangabandhu. Will people with any reactive thoughts put this book on the reading table? Therefore, there is no reason to doubt Abar as a Shibir.

The parents who sent their sons to BUET to be human, did they know how inhuman their sons were! Even if they knew, what could they do? At a time, children have to leave. The boy who attends university can no longer be locked in the house. And when they were with parents,they were certainly not inhuman! Then who made them inhuman? University, or politics?

We do not want the politics that make a man inhuman. We do not need the politics that occupy the seats, occupy the halls, the politics that kill people, the politics that creates a sick environment in education.

In developed world countries, there is no student politics in education. There is the student parliament. The student body looks after the students well. Did political leaders not  emerge in those countries? The only exception is in our country. “Politicians are not created without student politics,” by saying that, politics has been corrupted. Political leaders have used students for their own benefit.

But these students' politics was once the politics of ideology. The students of this country have played an outstanding role in the big crisis of the country. The Binyanar language movement, the six-point movement of sixty-six, the mass uprising of the nineteen, played an important role in the 1971 liberation war. Despite the independence, the role of the student community in the anti-Ershad movement is unacceptable. Those students today are exempt from the norm. They have introduced ill politics in the name of politics. If a leader suddenly becomes a possessor of wealth.

In fact, the entire political system has been corrupted. Ranks can now be bought with money. Previously, leadership was given due to the quality of leadership. The leaders were elected by vote as well. Now there is no such thing. Now with money anyone can be a leader. It takes a lot of money to be a candidate in the parliamentary elections. As a result invalid route has to be chosen.

Some of my friend's MPs have said in the context that now it is necessary to spend crores to elect a Member of Parliament. It wasn't like that before. Elections could be done at a lower cost if party nominations were received. Now that is not the case. No one moves without money. For business reasons, businessmen are sitting in politics. They also gave money to the party, and they themselves spent huge sums of money to win the vote. If this sick game does not stop in politics, the politics of the students will not improve.

Students' policy was banned in BUET. Not only that, it is also forbidden to have a club in BUET without permission. But student organizations have done active politics. BUET authorities have not taken any action in this regard. No one has ever said that BUET law prohibits student politics or organization. Why politics in BUET? We need to look at who instilled politics in BUET.

There is debate about whether there will be student politics in the university. Some say that if student politics is stopped, leaders will not be created. The next day's politics will be in crisis. Many say that there is no need for student politics in the university. There will be Student Parliament. They will take good care of the students. The leader will be created through this.

In my personal opinion, student and teacher politics are not justified in education institutes. Over the years, the quality of higher education has dropped drastically due to student and teacher politics. Previously, Dhaka University and University of Engineering were on the list of reputed universities in the world. Now it is not even in the top 1000. Who is responsible for this condition? Responsible are the teachers and student politicians.

Due to the creation of two factions between the teachers and therefore talented, competent teachers are neglected. The teachers have paid more attention to the political party than the class because of the reasons. They do not take regular classes. Even if they do they do not prepare. No one has to be held accountable for this.

Inexperienced teachers have quickly been promoted to shelter the political party;  became vice-chancellor and pro vice-chancellor. Because of them, universities are suffering. Higher education standards are constantly going down. This situation cannot continue. To overcome this, teachers and students will have to pull the leash of politics. Hopefully, everyone will talk about this, taking into consideration the wider interests of the country.

Finally, I would like to say that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has taken prompt action in connection with the murder of Abrar. The murderers would have been out of custody if she did not give immediate instructions; it would have later been said that Abrar died because of a beat up. Besides, I have seen in the past, when a student dies in campus, there is no trial. The culture of injustice is getting legalized on campus. The Prime Minister did not see his own party. She considers the culprit to be a criminal. It's a good sign. We expect the law to continue at its own pace.

Mostofa Kamla is the acting editor of the Daily Kalerkantho and also a popular writer. 

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