Update: 21 October, 2019 14:57 PM
\'Nothing is impossible to a willing heart\'

\'Nothing is impossible to a willing heart\'

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Kaler Kantho online has launched a new article series 'Dream to touch the sky' to inspire the youth where Mostafa Kamal, executive editor of the Daily Kaler Kantho, is writing regularly. He will make the youths dream. Read about dream and hopefulness in Kaler Kantho.

Here is today's motivational writing:

We should sort out  - the goal of our life, what we want to be, what we want to do - from the very schooling period. If the goal is determined, it harnesses to reach the goal. This harness makes a man reach the goal. If the goal is momentary, none can achieve it.

There are so many among students who make themselves confused while determining their goals.  They cannot fix what they want to be in future. Many want to be a scientist, engineer, teacher, doctor or inventor at a time. They cannot fulfill their goal at last.

Willpower and brain are stringed intensely. When a person is optimistic, his or her brain operates positively. On the contrary, when the person thinks negatively or is pessimistic, the brain operates accordingly. If one raised his mind to be a scientist, his brain will be preparing him that way. The brain works in the way in which it's used.
Let's share a personal experience about this. There was a quake in our village named Abdul Karim. He has a son and three daughters. He used to earn his living by selling medicines in the village. The villagers used to address him as a quake. He had never been respected properly. 

Abu Kaiser, son of Abdul Karim, has been very brilliant. He has been observing how his father used to be neglected. He has resolved by heart that he will become such a doctor in future that his father's disgraces be mitigated. 

Abu Kaiser improves in his study day by day. He secures a good grade both in SSC and HSC. Then he gets himself admitted in Dhaka Medical College and after the completion of MBBS, he gets an opportunity to study in the USA to acquire higher degrees. Acquiring a higher degree, he returns home and directly goes to his native village.

Abu Kaiser turns to be an expert. Any patient under his treatment gets cured. Within a few days, his name and fame spread around. His father's disgraces were mitigated. Abu Kaiser was tremendously happy being able to fulfill his dream.

I'm telling the students of schools and colleges, determine your goals till you have enough time. If you want success, you must go on with your dreams. If the goal is fixed, it's not impossible to reach. But, one must work according to his or her goal instead of sitting idle.

I have also found evidence in my life. I used to ponder over being a writer-journalist since my childhood. I have entered the world of writing being instilled by that thought. I slowly walked up the stairs of my dream. Since my school life, I used to think to build a career in media while reading newspapers. 
I just built my career in newspaper media. After that, I have spent a total of 27 years of writing and journalism at a stretch. I think I have been successful in this regard.

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