Update: 27 October, 2019 18:31 PM
46 \'LDP activists\' in Mexican detention camp

46 \'LDP activists\' in Mexican detention camp

Almost all of the 46 persons in a detention camp in the remote Akayuku state of Mexico's Veracruz state have claimed to be the activists of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) in Bangladesh. Their homes are in Noakhali and Feni districts. Most of them alleged that they were forced to leave the country mainly due to the 'squeezing' political environment and the threat of political opponents. On the other hand, some of them claimed that they left Bangladesh to travel to the United States due to family issues or business loss.

According to multiple sources, including family members, all 46 persons have spent some Tk25,000,000 to travel to Mexico from Bangladesh. All of them want to go to the United States and by no means, they want to return to Bangladesh. They have requested the officials concerned that they should not be recognised as Bangladeshis so that they will get shelter anywhere as 'stateless'.

Officials said the men voluntarily left the country. In this regard, they have been assisted by the international human trafficking circle. Different cycles have assisted them in airports.

According  to the sources concerned, those Bangladeshis first traveled from Dhaka to Kolkata by flight. Then they went to New Delhi. From there, they traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil,  through Ethiopia and later to Peru. Then they reached Mexico via Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala by bus, boat, and foot. Thus it took two to three months for each person to reach the country from Bangladesh.

Selina Akhter, mother of Zahid Hassan, who is in captivity in Mexico, told the Daily KalerKantho that she was compelled to send her son out of the country due to political turmoil. He said his son was beaten by his political opponents. He had to be taken to the hospital too. And finally she sent her son abroad by selling all her land property worth Tk24,000,000.  Selina Akhter also said that her husband Shah Alam suffered from 'paralysis'. Now they are living a very helpless life by sending their only son abroad.

It is reported that Zahid Hasan left Bangladesh on April 22 through Noakhali-based broker Nazim Uddin. He arrived in Mexico on July 2, traveling around some 13 countries. He called his family members last month and informed that he had not yet entered the United States. He is trying to get a 'resident permit' in Mexico.

In the first week of this month, the Bangladeshi embassy officials met the persons, aged 18 to 35,  in captivity at Akayuka in Mexico. They were also imprisoned before in the Mexican detention centres. This time, they voluntarily went to captivity as the 'immigration pass' issued in their name when they were released from captivity has expired.

As a signatory to the international human rights law, Mexico generally does not hold a foreigner travelling without a passport or travel document more than 40 days . At the end of that term, they were given an 'immigration pass'. It is being given so that they could leave Mexico and return to their home. But, they usually do not return to their home country and tried to cross the border with the US. With the United States taking a tougher stance on illegal immigration and Mexico cooperating with them, it is now almost impossible for them to enter the United States.

The families of Noakhali's Fazlur Rahman and Zahid Hasan say they used to do LDP politics. Political problems have played a big role in leaving their country.

However, when asked about the matter, LDP President Oli Ahmed trashed the claims "No one in my team has gone abroad," he told the Daily Kaler Kantho. 

"They may have mentioned the name of my party for their benefit. They know that they can make benefit by selling my name," he added. 

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