Update: 18 November, 2019 09:36 AM
Ariana in pain

Ariana in pain

Photo: AP

Ariana Grande, who is on her Sweetener World Tour, opened up about her health struggles right now. The 7 Rings singer shared candid posts on her Instagram Stories on Saturday, letting fans know she’s been feeling sick for over three weeks now and may possibly have to cancel upcoming shows.

In one lengthy message shared by People, Ariana talks about how she’s been sick since her London show, with her throat and head still hurting badly. She added that though she sounded okay, she had difficulty in breathing during the show. “I just really don’t know what’s happening with my body right now and need to figure it out,” she wrote.

Sharing multiple videos explaining her current condition, Ariana promised fans that she’ll be seeing a doctor, too.

While she’s clearly freaking out at the unexpectedness of the situation, we wish she gets well soon and hope she’s in a good shape for her next show on Sunday in Lexington, Kentucky.

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