Update: 22 November, 2019 09:40 AM
Nudity and sex scenes guidance launched for UK directors

Nudity and sex scenes guidance launched for UK directors

Emilia Clarke.

Directors UK has published its first guidelines for scenes involving nudity and simulated sex.

The body that represents UK TV and film directors is aiming to show best practice for working with actors, intimacy coordinators, and others.

The news comes a day after Emilia Clarke said she found Game of Thrones' nude scenes "hard" and that she was pressured to go naked in other roles.

"Everyone deserves the right to feel safe at work," Directors UK said.

"This is just as true when working on a Hollywood blockbuster as it is on a prime-time drama or a debut short film."

The new guidelines, which are supported by industry bodies including Bafta, Equity, the BFI and the Casting Directors' Guild, come in the wake of the #MeToo movement and allegations that some bosses demanded sexual favours for acting work.

The guidelines advise a ban on full nudity in any audition or call back and no semi-nudity in first auditions.

The document states that "by their nature, auditions are based on a power imbalance", and that "some performers can feel obligated to agree to uncomfortable requests to get a job".

Instead they suggest performers wear a bikini or trunks and also bring a chaperone, as well as demanding 48 hours' notice and full-scripts be given for any recalls that require semi-nudity.

Productions must also obtain explicit written consent from the performer prior to them being filmed or photographed nude or semi-nude.

"The director, as the creative lead on a production, should set the tone for a professional and respectful on-set environment," said UK Directors film committee chair Susanna White.

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