Update: 27 November, 2019 16:52 PM
TikTok is committed to a more tolerant virtual world

TikTok is committed to a more tolerant virtual world

TikTok was awarded a platinum media partnership at this year's World Tolerance Summit. Gulf News.

To encourage an inclusive and tolerant atmosphere, promoting a safe and positive app environment is TikTok's top priority and they have a whole suite of safety features so content creators can express their creativity while being respectful of others.

First up is Screen Time Management.

TikTok offers users and parents the opportunity to select limits for the amount of time spent on the app. Users can choose between 40, 60, 90 and 120 minutes to spend on the app. The feature is password protected too, so if you want to continue using the app beyond the set limit, you would need to know the password. A great feature for parents since the minimum age requirement on TikTok is 13 years of age.

The second feature is Restricted Mode.

The mode allows users to limit the content that will be visible to them.

Next up are Comment Filters.

This tool will allow users to better manage the comments on their posts by deeming keywords undesirable. Users can filter almost any keyword they want, blocking comments about race, religion, gender, politics and more. Comments containing the restricted words will be automatically filtered for the user.

Last but definitely not least are Privacy Controls.

There are numerous privacy-based settings on the app which enable creators to control who sees and even shares their content. Not only can users make their entire accounts private, they can even do it for individual videos. Other privacy settings allow much more control such as deciding who follows then, who can send them messages, react to videos, download their content and so much more!

TikTok also comes with in-app reporting that allows users to notify them of any objectionable content or behavior for the app to action upon in real-time. Additionally, the TikTok team has a moderation team who works around the clock to deal with inappropriate content.

We sat down with Leanne Everett, a content creator who has been on TikTok for approximately 3 months now. Here’s what she had to say about TikTok in the region "TikTok is funny and exciting, and people feel more real.

There’s a sense of community and makes its feel like a family.” When asked about what she felt about tolerance and social media, Everett replied “For me the word ‘tolerance’ is very important.

It reminds me of compassion and bringing people together, both of which are very important in this day and age.


সম্পাদক : ইমদাদুল হক মিলন,
নির্বাহী সম্পাদক : মোস্তফা কামাল,
ইস্ট ওয়েস্ট মিডিয়া গ্রুপ লিমিটেডের পক্ষে ময়নাল হোসেন চৌধুরী কর্তৃক প্লট-৩৭১/এ, ব্লক-ডি, বসুন্ধরা, বারিধারা থেকে প্রকাশিত এবং প্লট-সি/৫২, ব্লক-কে, বসুন্ধরা, খিলক্ষেত, বাড্ডা, ঢাকা-১২২৯ থেকে মুদ্রিত।
বার্তা ও সম্পাদকীয় বিভাগ : বসুন্ধরা আবাসিক এলাকা, প্লট-৩৭১/এ, ব্লক-ডি, বারিধারা, ঢাকা-১২২৯। পিএবিএক্স : ০২৮৪০২৩৭২-৭৫, ফ্যাক্স : ৮৪০২৩৬৮-৯, বিজ্ঞাপন ফোন : ৮১৫৮০১২, ৮৪০২০৪৮, বিজ্ঞাপন ফ্যাক্স : ৮১৫৮৮৬২, ৮৪০২০৪৭। E-mail : [email protected]