Update: 9 February, 2020 13:01 PM
Asia One recognises Evaly rapidly growing brand

Asia One recognises Evaly rapidly growing brand

Evaly has been recognised as the fastest-growing brand in Bangladesh by popular international magazine Asia One. 

Asia One also recognised Mohammad Rassel the Managing Director and CEO of Evaly. The recognition was officially announced on Friday (February 7th) night at a gala event by Asia One in Bankok, the capital of Thailand. 

As part of the recognition, the crest was handed over to Evaly and Mohamed Rassell for 2019-20 sessions in the "Services-Ecommerce" category in this year's event hosted by the 13h Asian Business and Social Forum.

On the occasion, the organisers said within a short period of time, Evaly has been able to create a brand of its own in Bangladesh. 

In his reaction, Mohammad Rassell said: "It is a real pleasure to receive awards and honors from such an international platform. Earlier, Asia One honored Bangladesh's top entrepreneurs, businessmen and personalities."

"So the level of happiness is even higher. However, the main achievement of this earned honor for the country is the dream of the customers, dealers, media and above all the government of Digital Bangladesh. Together they all have an ecosystem that has given us the opportunity to do something so fast," he added.


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