Update: 9 February, 2020 13:23 PM
A job you don't enjoy

A job you don't enjoy

Kaler Kantho online has launched a new article series 'Dream to touch the sky' to inspire the youth where Mostafa Kamal, executive editor of the Daily Kaler Kantho, is writing regularly. He will make the youths dream. Read about dream and hopefulness in Kaler Kantho.

Here is today's motivational writing:

We must remember one thing that the work which doesn't make us happy cannot bring any good result. We must work happily. Only then, we will be able to get a good result. But how will work bring joy? We think work means trouble! Then where is the joy at work? We must remember that one can enjoy his or her job and can find happiness there.

Only when you love the work will you find joy in your work. If you skip your task, it will cheat you. If you love your work, then it will reward you.

Many of us complete our tasks, but without any passion, love, compassion, and sympathy for that. Then what will come from the joyless job? If you want to get reimbursement, then you have to work with full of passion.

Have you ever wondered why the work is not pleasing to you; Or why can't you do it with joy? Take a look, find out the wrong in it?

Imagine, you may not like the job, yet you are obliged. That's not fair at all. It is not right to do anything without stressing the mind. Do the work you are most comfortable with, the work you feel most comfortable doing.

We as parents often impose our own decisions on children. We say you have to be a doctor or an engineer or a pilot. But, none of these attracts your kids. He or she might want to be a writer.

You said no. Not at all. Whatever you want to be, you can't be a writer. You might force your child to get admitted into a medical or engineering college. But, your child may finish his or her studies.

So is applicable in business or employment. Think first about which business you like most. You should do the business you are most comfortable with. Going to try something else is also a waste of time. However, there is no alternative of life experience. Experience acts like a companion on the go. Nevertheless, it is better not to do a business that you do not like.

I would say the same thing in terms of employment. You might like a banking job. Maybe you started journalism without getting that job. You are not sitting in this job. You can't even adjust yourself. Still, you are doing it. In such a case, I must say you will not get good results.

So you have to do what you love. That will keep your mind attentive. If you can pour your whole into a task, it will give you an unexpected reward. You will be more focused on your job after getting it. Work and success will walk together. You will do the job with great joy. 

Mostofa Kamal is the acting Editor of the Daily Kaler Kantho. 

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