Update: 12 February, 2020 14:10 PM
Taapsee Pannu shares \'Thappad\' BTS

Taapsee Pannu shares \'Thappad\' BTS

Taapsee Pannu.

Giving a glimpse of her character from the upcoming flick 'Thappad', actor Taapsee Pannu on Wednesday shared a picture of behind-the-scene (BTS) picture of herself.

In the BTS picture that Pannu shared with her Instafam she is seen as a house-maker holding a tea tray with a flask, a cup and a bowl of sugar.

The 32-year-old actor is wearing a pastel pink suit with her hair tied on one side.

Terming her 'Thappad' character a 'tea-specialist', the actor captioned the post, "The morning tea specialist.... meet Amrita #Thappad."

The second trailer of the flick featuring Taapsee Pannu was dropped on Tuesday.

Pannu is seen portraying the role of a woman, who denies tolerating domestic violence in the name of love and relationships in 'Thappad'.

The film is all set to reach the big screens on February 28 this year.

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