Update: 14 February, 2020 14:54 PM
Pahela Falgun, Valentine’s Day being celebrated simultaneously

Pahela Falgun, Valentine’s Day being celebrated simultaneously

This year for the first time the nation is celebrating Pahela Falgun, the first day of Spring in the Bangla calendar, with the glee of Valentine's Day.

Pahela Falgun brings intensity not only to nature but also to the lives and minds of people of all ages.

The day has been designated in Bengali literature as one of the most important festivals of the local culture.

“Flowers blossoming or not, today is Basanto”, wrote Subhash Mukhopadhyay, a famous Bengali poet, describing the arrival of Pahela Falgun.

This year the compassion of Falgun has been doubled as it comes with Valentine's Day from now onwards. People, specially the youth, are ready to welcome these two occasions with enthusiasm. 
Though girls wear ‘Basanti’ [yellow or orange] saris and floral ornaments while boys clothe themselves in colourful panjabis to welcome the arrival of spring on the day, this year this day is being covered with red, blue, yellow altogether.

সম্পাদক : ইমদাদুল হক মিলন,
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