Update: 3 January, 2018 17:20 PM
Katrina having fabulous time in Thailand

Katrina having fabulous time in Thailand

If you are holidaying in Thailand, then you may have bumped into Katrina Kaif. Katrina, The Tiger Zinda Hai actress welcomed New Year 2018 in the beach-side location, where she is vacationing with her family.

Katrina has been sharing photos from her Thailand diaries and her sister, Isabelle Kaif, has also made a few entries of her own.

Katrina kicked off the New Year with a wonderful message for her fans, saying she's grateful for all the overwhelming love and affection. Katrina Shared photos from her Thailand trip for his fans.

The year 2018 started on a special note for Katrina because much-awaited details about her next movie with Aanand L Rai - in which she co-stars with Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma - were shared on January 1.

Apart from the title of the film Zero, Shah Rukh's first look was also revealed in the teaser on Monday. Ahead of that, an impatient Katrina sent a note to Shah Rukh along with a lovely New Year wish.

The year 2017 also ended on a blockbuster note for Katrina Kaif, whose Christmas release Tiger Zinda Hai scored over Rs. 250 crores at the box office and became the second highest grossing movie of the year with the Hindi version of Baahubali 2 in the first spot. Katrina co-stars with Salman Khan in Tiger Zinda Hai.

Source: NDTV 

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