Update: 27 April, 2018 17:25 PM
Now you can follow Apu Biswas on Instagram!

Now you can follow Apu Biswas on Instagram!

A grab from her Instagram account

Actress Apu Biswas has created an Instagram account recently when Abram Khan Joy, son of Dhallywood’s separated celebrity stars Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas, has notched up 35.5k followers on the Instagram.

Recently divorced Apu Biswas has opened the account any day in March and now she has 6,641 followers on Instagram with 15 posts.

The noted actress revealed the information on her new Instagram account through a Facebook post on March 24 where she wrote: “You Can Follow Me On My Instagram id.”

She also placed the link of her new Instagram account in the same Facebook post and her Instagram username is “apubiswasabram”.

Go through the Instagram link from here…

The relationship between Shakib Khan and actress Apu Biswas has come to end on March 12 after a lot of commotion and misery in the relationship.

Regarding the parenting of their son Abram Khan, Shakib earlier told Media that he will give Tk100,000 to Apu Biswas every month as the regular maintenance cost of his son.

Apu Biswas, however, tried several times to settle the issue with Shakib when Shakib was determined to get separated from her.

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